Central portal

A central place to link to all your services.

How To

User Friendly

Search based your users can search for what they are looking for even without knowing name of service.

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Admin console, multiple options depending on your needs.

See Pricing
$ 14 99 /Month
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 50$ Setup Fee
  • No Authentication
  • MeeStart Branding
  • Option Reporting
$ 29 99 /Month
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 50$ Setup Fee
  • No Authentication
  • Custom Branding
  • Included Reporting
$ 149 99 /Month
  • On premise or cloud Hosted
  • Case by case Setup Fee
  • SAML or oAuth Authentication
  • Custom Branding
  • Included Reporting

Know more about Service Catalog Features

Allows you to provide a service catalog to your users.

Central Portal

For all your services


Know who is interested by which link.

Card based

Fully customizable cards to select icons, text and links


Ask for other features, development to see if we can fulfill your needs

High Availablity

We are dedicated to provide 99.9% availability, and improve this quickly by the end of the year.

24/7 Support

Your friendly MeeStart support will assist you.

How to use Catalog Portal

in 4 easy steps

  • Search based

    Provide tags on every card to ensure all cards are found by users. Put all keywords in tags, tags are not visbles for users but used for search.

  • Visible and Hidden cards

    On Card properties you select if visible only on search or always.

  • Create page

    You can assign page to card to have some hierarchy on page.

  • Services pages

    Custom service pages allow you to add more info on service with a contact-us form.

Contact your MeeStart Team

For technical request: support[@]meestart.com
For other request: info[@]meestart.com
Or use the chat window just on your right.